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€125.00 / 2 h 30 min
Price includes 1 person.


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Music and stories

Join our trip next to Nuuksio National Park and dive into the traditional Finnish landscape - the woods of  the Finnish wilderness filled with wispering stories. Here deep in the forest you will listen stories and songs of life of the Bear, the King of the forest and national animal of Finland. You will be guided by our folkmusician, who will sing tarditional Finnish songs telling about bear rituals of the past. The journey continues into our bear-hut with an authentic looking bear and you will learn more about the brown bear and myths of the ancient Finns. You will be also introduced to the traditional Finnish instruments like kantele (eng. Finnish zither). 

Wild Food

Enjoy a three course menu at the campfire and taste food that even the Bear would like: wild mushrooms, insects, vegetables, wild herbs and forest berries. The bear is mainly vegetarian, 70 % of it´s diet includes something else than meat: berries, grain and mushrooms. Before the winter sleep the bear eats about 20 kg bilberries in a day to get enough energy to survive the long northern winter. We serve food that is sustainable, local and lactose free. You will taste wild mushrooms and berries of the nearby forests, local vegetables and insects grown in Finland. By request we can also prepare glutenfree, vegan and/or dairy free food. 


  • For starter: Smooth nettle soup with roasted mushrooms, seeds and house crickets, Nuuksio bread and Love butter
  • Main course: Wild mushroom pie with green salad
  • Dessert: Bilberry delicacy and warm Honeypaw-herbal drink with honey

Additional services
Magic of the Woods-walking trip 
Wood-heated sauna by the lake 

Come and eat like the King of the Forest!