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Come join the traditional Kalevala celebrations, enjoy a three-course meal and get to know the songs and stories of our ancestors. Spend a night at Wäinölä's campfire, enjoy an herbal drink and relax by the fire.

Enter Wäinölä's log cabin and immerse yourself in the stories of the Kalevala, Finland's national epic. The guides are the king of the forest Tapio and the mistress of the forest Mielikki, who tell stories from the Kalevala, sing and play traditional instruments.

At the Kalevala celebrations, you will hear stories from our national epic, learn about the creation myth of the world, Sampo's forging and the main characters of the Kalevala: the wise man Väinämöinen, the young Joukahaisen and his sister Aino, the handsome Lemminkäinen and his mother, the blacksmith Ilmarinen and Louhi, the mistress of Pohjola.

The Kalevala is about love and loyalty, envy and jealousy. It tells about the time when man lived at the mercy of nature and believed in natural forces. The Kalevala was compiled in 1835 by Elias Lönnrot, who collected stories from poets. "We beat hand to hand, Fingers rest, To sing the good ones, We put the worst ones."


Forest mushroom soup, bread of Nuuksio and love butter

Warm smoked fish, roasted potatoes and carrots, gherkins and herb sauce

Traditional blueberry rye-pie and whipped cream, coffee/tea

Wäinölä is barrier-free and there are 3 dry toilets in the courtyard, one of which is barrier-free. Wäinölä has space for 40 people and is open all year round. We do not have serving rights, so you can bring your own drinks with you. The minimum billing for Kalevala party is 12 people, book parties through our sales service at info@nuuksiontaika.fi.