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125,00 € / 2 h 30 min
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Nuuksion Taika +358505050869 Y-tunnus: 2238634-6 Kauppiaan ehdot

Cottage life is Finnish institution and now you have a change to peak inside of typical cottage day and enjoy a typical Finnish summer meal. We begin the visit with cup of coffee and cinnamon bun by the table. Your host will introduce you Finnish way of having summer cottage and enjoying summers in nature.  After coffee it is time to do small walk in the forest. You guide will tell you stories of our tradition of picking up beries, mushrooms and wild herbs. Depending of season you will have change to try it your self. We return by the table to prepare together meal by the fire. While food is cooking you have a change to try Finnish cottage games mölkky or mökkitikka.  Meal is ready time to sit by table  and enjoy.

forest mushrooms with rye bread
flamed or smoked lake fish
wild herb carrots with honey
dill-yoghurt sauce
green salad with lingon berries
Frensh toast with whipped cream and blueberry jam