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Regular fatbike rental at Haltia - Nuuksio
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From €35.00 / 2 h
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Bike Rental Finland Oyinfo@biking.fi+358 20 7302480Company id:1102854-3Merchant terms

Rent a high-quality Tribe e-fatbike or Helkama in Nuuksio (Haltia). An electric fatbike, or e-fatbike, is a fun way to enjoy nature and exercise and see more more easily than before. The fatbike's wide tire is also well suited for rooty paths, and thanks to the electricity, the bike runs lighter and smoother without the rider having to exert much effort. You will have time to move a longer distance and experience more than just using muscle power when moving.

Bike size: Frame sizes are S, M and L sizes, which are suitable for cyclists from S->147 cm, M->165 cm and L->184.

Instructions for renting
Book and pay the bike on this site.

Pick up the bike before the start of the rental period. Haltia's info point closes at 5 pm (until April 30) and at 6 pm (from May 1). After the closing time, it is no longer possible to hand over the bike

Instructions for renting

- You can collect the bike keys from info point in Haltia - Finnish Nature Center, address Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo.

- Notice that you will get the pick-up codes and the bike ID within the opening hours of Haltia. You can check the opening hours from haltia.com. If you need the codes outside opening hours, please contact info@biking.fi or tel. 020 7302480.

Please bring along:
- Credit or bank card
- ID
- Suitable clothing for biking
- Water and lunch/snacks (you can also buy these at Haltia)
- Enough time

Credit card

When you get your bike, you or a member of your group will be charged a € 200 deposit, which will be refunded when you return the bike intact and by the agreed time. The fee is not per bike, but applies to the entire rental.


Take your ID with you. Before we give you your bike, we always check the identity and credit information of the lessee. 

-  Do not give the codes to anybody else

- Please watch the instructional video before renting:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osViYAFBQXc&t=68s

- Open the door to the bike storage with the code you have received. Then use your second code to open the safety box, which is located on the inner wall of the storage room. It contains the key to your rental bike.

- Please make sure you that you take the bike with the correct number and check for damages.

- You can adjust the height of the saddle by opening the quick release. Please make sure to close the quick lock after adjusting.

- Rental price includes a helmet, which you may pick up at our bike storage. We recommend using a thin head-wrap or any other light headwear underneath your helmet. You can borrow a repair kit from the rental company just in case(one per group). In the dark/twilight, you can borrow a headlight.

- You may take the bike lock with you or leave it at the storage room. However, you should never leave your bike unlocked and unattended.

- If the bike is broken and cannot be used, please contact staff at +358207302480.

- If the bike is broken, but possible to ride, please photograph the damages prior to setting off. Please send photos to  info@biking.fi.

- If the bike gets broken during your ride, please report the damages to +358207302480. This allows us to fix the problem before the bike is being rented out next time. 

- Please return the bike at the time your rental ends. Return the repair kit and headlight on the right positions. Put the key back into the safety box and close the door of the storage room.

- Should you exceed your rental time, please report immediately to +358207302480. The next rider could be waiting for the bike.

- We reserve the right to demand for compensation upon the violation of any instructions on this page.

Terms and conditions: https://johku.com/bikerentalfinland/en_US/info/deliveryTerms  (opens in a new tab)

Our bikes are 2022 Trek Farley Fatbikes or similar. The bikes do not come with mud guards or lights. The bikes do have bottle racks.

Recommended sizing guide for choosing the right frame size:

KID=110-135 cm, S 15"=145-160 cm, M 17"=159-175 cm, L 19"=173cm -185 cm, XL 21"=184-190 cm.

More technical information about our bikes: https://www.trekbikes.com/fi/fi_FI/py%C3%B6r%C3%A4t/maastopy%C3%B6r%C3%A4t/fatbiket/farley/farley-5/p/33270/

Your responsible dealer:

 Bike Rental Finland Oy


Phone +358207302480