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Wäinölä, a log house and campfire in Nuuksio
From €950.00 / 12 h
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Send a reservation request or email info@nuuksiontaika.fi if you want to reserve Wäinölä. After that, we will open the day in our web-shop, if the day is free.

Wäinölä is a unique accessible venue in the middle of the forest, next to the Nuuksio National Park. The name of Wäinölä comes from the Kalevala, the national epic fo Finland.

The log-house of Wäinölä is built from hand-carved logs in the Iron Age style, and all the iron parts have been forged by a local blacksmith. 40 diners can sit at four long tables, for a group of 20 people, the tables are combined into a one large party table in the middle of the room.

The lighting in Wäinölä can be adjusted in a variety of ways for different occasions, and the space has a sound amplifier with bluetooth connection. There are good traffic lights outside from the parking lot.


In the log-house of Wäinölä, a big fireplace brings atmosphere and warmth. Outside there are two campfire places where it is nice to start the event, exchange stories and enjoy appetizers before moving indoors.

Festive moments

Wäinölä is suitable for a variety of events: organize a Kalevala-inspired meal for international guests, small atmospheric traditional weddings, Viking-style birthdays, recreation days with an Iron Age theme or a quiet retreat.

Performers and activities

We organize a program suitable for the atmosphere of Wäinölä, e.g. folk musician Ulla and storyteller Ukko, who are featured in Wäinölä's video. We can also organize a versatile program in the surrounding nature: learn about wild herbs, learn survival skills or go kayaking. Near Wäinölä is our beach villa Villa Paratiisi, which offers accommodation for 14 people.

Servings in Wäinölä

Catering is also organized through us. In Wäinölä, wild food is offered: fish and game prepared over fire, as well as forest products: mushrooms, wild herbs and berries. You can find our menu on our website

Parking lot and dry toilets

Next to Wäinölä there is a parking space for 12 cars, if there are more visitors, there is a large parking lot 500m ahead. There is one dry toilet next to Wäinölä and two dry toilets next to the parking lot, one of which is suitable for wheelchair users.

Place: Private accessible event space in Pohjois Nuuksio

Located in the middle of the forest, 1 km from the parking lot of the Salme outdoor recreation area and the North Gate of Nuuksio, 100m from the beach villa of Villa Paratiis

Arrival options:

On the map of Nuuksio National Park, Nuuksio Wäinölä can be found at number 10

Parking in Nuuksio Taika's yard Paratiisintie 115, Otalampi