Magic of the Kalevala

Experience the Magic of the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland. Hear about the myths and heroes of the past, listen traditional Finnish folk music and enjoy a snack on a campfire.


Magic of the Woods

Enjoy the beauty of the nature of the Nuuksio National Park, learn about Finnish mythologies and have a snack by the campfire. Minimum charge 4 people.


Escape-game from Paradise

Escape game from Paradise is a team game you get hooked on. Challenge your problem solving skills and imagination in the nature. Game offers excitement and problem solving. The game will be played...


Journey for all senses at Wäinölä

Open your senses to experience the nature and Finnish traditions in Nuuksio. Experience the magic of singing and traditions of the past. The program is suitable for everyone and it is accessible.


Kalevala Party

Join the traditional Kalevala celebrations and enjoy a three-course meal in Wäinölä's log cabin. During the meal break, get to know the stories of Kalevala, and listen to music and singing.

Magic of the Brown Bear

Experience the life and mythologies of the Bear and enjoy the beauty of the Finnish nature!


Nuuksio Survival

Follow our wilderness guide into the Nuuksio forest and learn survival skills in the nature. You will learn to brew a pot of coffee, make herbal drink and cook buns on a stick by the fire.


Viking Party of Wäinölä

Experience Viking Party of Wäinölä, let the singing accompanied by drumming and a delicious meal bring you back to the Viking era. Put a viking helmet on and party like vikings used to do.